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Maker Monday - Moving in Front of the Camera

Positano, Italy

Positano, Italy

It isn’t often that people turn the lens around and focus on me – I’m used to being behind the camera directing the action. So it was fun to be featured in Aspire Home & Design Magazine !

I like interviews that aren’t the same old boring questions – the Aspire reporter sent me some quirky ones to answer. They give you some interesting insights into things you may not have known about me. For example, most people may know that I have an architecture background, but not that my favorite board game is backgammon. Don’t know why you would need to know that, but hey, it makes us closer friends now, right? 

The regular Aspire feature focuses on “makers,” which may seem like an odd category for a photographer. But I see my role as crafting a message for designers and architects. You design rooms and homes, and I help create the best visual representation of that work. Basically it’s my job to make your work look as gorgeous as it can!

I’m a visual brand expert – someone who can take a designer’s work from good to FAB! With lighting, styling, and your designs…we make magic. My photos help tell your story. They elevate your brand and get you attention from press, clients, potential partners, and more. My work should help you get more work – that’s why I do what I do.

Well, I also do it for the endless supply of white linen shirts and fresh baguettes (see the article), but mostly I do it because I love my job behind the camera!

Okay, enough about me. Let’s turn that lens back around and focus on you!

What is the best bait for getting editors attention and new clients?
May 2019 Issue of Designers Today

May 2019 Issue of Designers Today

Indispensable imagery.

Designers Today delivers the tips and takeaways to make sure your interior design brand is as successful as your designs - including marketing tips, business strategies and more. In the May issue they focused on the importance of how gorgeously lit and professionally styled photography can be the best bait for getting editors attention as well as new clients.

Beautiful bathroom design by  Denise McGaha

Beautiful bathroom design by Denise McGaha

I was very flattered to be among the selected creatives sharing our expertise in regards to all that goes into making the magic happen in interior photography. It was a fun talk with editor Jane Dagmi about things that affect the shoot day in a positive and negative way. Our approach to the interior shoot with our clients from knowing the marketing direction and who they are targeting.  And of course my take on scouting and how beneficial the planning is to making it a very efficient shoot day. 

If you didn’t get a chance to pick up the May issue then you can read the digital version here.